Gold Panning Kit

Gold Panning Kit
Gold Panning Kit
Gold Panning Kit

Gold Panning Kit

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Unleash the treasure hunter within you with this Gold Panning Kit! 

This kit is perfect for both beginners and seasoned prospectors alike!

Kit Includes: 

- Bag of gold-rich soil

- Sieve for sifting through the dirt 

How to Pan for Gold:

The process begins by filling the sieve with a scoop of dirt next, the prospector holds the sieve with both hands and gently shakes or swirls it in water. This action allows the water to flow through the sieve, carrying away the lighter materials like dirt and sand, while leaving behind the denser gold particles, which become trapped in the edge of the sieve.

The prospector must carefully inspects the remaining material on top of the sieve, looking for glimmers of gold. If gold is found, it is carefully collected, while the process is repeated until all the dirt has been sieved!



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