Gamal Wood Vase

Gamal Wood Vase
Gamal Wood Vase

Gamal Wood Vase

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These Gamal Wood Vases are crafted using drift wood from the Gamal tree, native to Indonesia, and molten glass that has been molded to fit into the natural grooves and crevices of the wood base. As the glass cools and solidifies, it forms a unique pattern that beautifully intertwines with the organic contours of the driftwood. Each Gamal Wood Vase possesses its own unique, rustic charm. 

These Gamal Wood Vases come in two variants including a classic glass vase and a more artistic tulip shaped vase with colorful embossing. These vases are perfect for terrariums, flowers, or as a bowl for your crystals and other trinkets!

The Gamal Wood Vase received may differ in size, shape and texture than the vase photographed!

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