Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chakra: Root

Chemical Formula: SiO2 and trace amounts of many other materials


Shungite is most notably found in Karelia, Russia. The chemical composition is very similar to metamorphosed coal. Because of this, it is believed that shungite originated from algae or bacteria. In 1719, Emperor Peter the Great of Russia created a healing spa in Karelia. Many of his soldiers were healed after receiving treatment from the waters, and it was attributed to the god Mars. In 1992, a discovery of a specific chemical was made that is present in the waters, as well as shungite. Shungite Is the only known stone to possess this therapeutic chemical, known as fullerene. Shungite’s fullerenes fight free radicals within the body, causing it to be a powerhouse of a healing and soothing stone. It can transfer its properties to water, as Peter the Great found.