Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chakra: Third-Eye, Crown

Chemical Formula: Na2SeO3

Selenite was named after the Greek word meaning “moon”. Although a white-grey hue is the most common, selenite can be found in a number of other colors including orange, green, and blue. A more famous specimen named “Desert Rose” is known for its disc-like crystal structures that resemble petals. Selenite is found in a large number of locations across different continents. Selenite is a powerful crystal with high vibration. Its association with the moon promotes spectral growth. White Selenite is purported to have a connection with the spiritual plane and allows for a link with the higher planes. Aside from the spiritual, Selenite boasts incredible healing properties. It is most useful when filtering negative energies. Selenite is a must-have piece to place in the home or office.