Rose Quartz
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    Keywords: Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress

    Element: Water

    Astrological Sign(s): Libra, Taurus 

    Chakra(s): Heart

    Chemical Formula: SiO₂

    Rose Quartz is a pink variety of Quartz and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Rose Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Known as the stone of love, it is prized for its ability to bring forth unconditional love, harmony and healing into one’s life. The soothing energy of the stone is thought to release stress and heal emotional trauma related to love and other matters of the heart. Rose Quartz is an ideal stone for meditation, stimulating and opening the heart chakra, and inviting compassion, empathy, and forgiveness into one's life. Rose Quartz can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA.

    7 products
    Rose Quartz Sphere
    Rose Quartz Chakra Beaded Bracelet
    Rose Quartz Beaded Bracelet
    Rose Quartz Merkaba Pendulum
    Rose Quartz Pyramid
    Rose Quartz Heart (Small)
    Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone
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