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    The concept of orgone energy was introduced by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, in the early 20th century. Reich proposed that there is a universal life force energy that exists in the atmosphere and within living organisms, which he called "orgone energy." According to Reich, orgone energy is a subtle, primordial energy that permeates all of nature and is responsible for maintaining life and promoting overall well-being. Reich believed that a healthy flow of orgone energy throughout the body was essential for physical and mental health. He developed various techniques and devices to harness and manipulate orgone energy for therapeutic purposes.

    Orgonite is a modern adaptation and application of Reich's orgone energy concept. It is a specific type of material created by mixing organic and inorganic materials, typically resin, metal shavings, and quartz crystals. The combination of these materials is believed to attract and convert stagnant or negative orgone energy into positive, harmonious orgone energy.

    Advocates of orgonite claim that it can help balance the energy in an environment, neutralize electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, and promote physical and emotional well-being. They suggest that orgonite acts as an energy transmuter, transforming negative energy into positive energy and promoting a healthier energetic environment.

    4 products
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