Lapis Lazuli

Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn

Chakra: Third-Eye

Chemical Formula: (Na,Ca)₈Al₆Si₆O₂₄ (S,SO)₄


Lapis Lazuli is found in a variety of places, but its primary sources come from Northern Afghanistan, the Andes Mountains in South America, and Lake Baikal in Russia. The vibrant blue hue of the gemstone caused many ancient civilizations to use it as decorative jewelry and ornamental material. It was even ground up into a powder to use as a pigment for paints and dyes. Lapis Lazuli is known for its deep and powerful connection to the cosmic universe. Many use it as a calming agent. Sometimes, it’s a tool to help one open up the truth and be more expressive with that truth. The gemstone also has powerful capabilities of protection from negative influences. Its beautifully calming energies can be used in both home and office spaces with excellent results.