Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chakra: All

Chemical Formula: CaF2


Fluorite is found across all corners of the world. Pure fluorite is actually colorless, while impurities cause fluorite to appear in every color across the spectrum, much like iron-rich quartz turns into amethyst. These impurities often coexist alongside each other, causing beautiful band-like patterns in fluorite crystals. Many specimens are extremely fluorescent, the colors appearing almost electric. The word “fluorescent” was derived from fluorite because of this attribute. Fluorite is a crystal that lends itself to all seven chakras, because of the many different colors and impurities. It is a powerful strengthener of all aspects of life, particularly body and mental health. It is extremely helpful when balancing energies and smoothing out vibrations. The gorgeous fluorite crystal works great when worn in jewelry on the person, or within home and office spaces.