Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chakra: Crown

Chemical Formula: SiO2


Large cavities of Amethyst can be found within basalt flows in Brazil and Uruguay, although Amethyst can be found nearly everywhere across the world. The attractive purple color of the gemstone leads it to be popular from ancient civilizations all the way up to modern times. Amethyst “Cathedrals” (or very large geodes) are one of the most popular gemstone decorations of the age. Amethyst is one of the most important gemstones in healing, as its energies promote health of the immune and digestive systems. It can also help with headaches, hormone regulation, and skin clarity. Amethyst is a powerful tool as a healer, but it can also be used as an individual to help protect and keep the body healthy. It’s an ideal stone for home, office, or wear.